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Are all therapists created equal?

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May 8, 2014
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March 9, 2018

Are all therapists created equal?

Research says no. In fact, therapist effectiveness can range from 20-70%. That is to say the percent of clients that benefit from involvement from that therapist.

What makes the difference between an average therapist and a great therapist? Actually, it is not the evidenced based therapies that are being touted as the answer. Most of them work about the same. It really is much simpler than that.

There are factors common in all therapy that makes the biggest difference. It is about the relationship the therapist builds with you. Things like is the therapist is warm and caring towards you and your child? Are they working on goals that are important to you?

Research demonstrates that there are two factors have been shown to be strong predictors of a positive outcome to therapy: early signs of improvement and the client’s rating of the therapeutic relationship. Simply put are you (or your child) making changes and do you feel positive about your work with the therapist.

If the answer is no to those questions, it may time to talk with the therapist about your work with them. It may just what the doctor ordered to help move things forward if therapy is stuck......

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