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What is important to you as a parent?

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March 9, 2019
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What is important to you as a parent?

If you answered family to the title of this post, you would be in good company. Nearly 7 in 10 adults rank family as their top choice for what provides a “sense of meaning” in life.

In a recent poll, 5000 adults were asked by the PEW Research Center what made their lives meaningful. Family was by far the top choice at 69% with career coming in about half that at 34%, money at 23%, spirituality and faith at 20%, and friendship at 19% to round out the top five.

If you are reading this blog regularly, you are likely a parent with at least one child you are trying to raise in today’s world. Your value of family is likely strong as you try to better yourself as a parent.

I believe it is gratifying to know that most people see family as an important value in their life. Family is who we turn to both in times of celebration as well as tragedy.

I often think of the attacks on 9/11. On that galvanizing day, almost everyone I encountered had their thoughts on family. Whether it was those who lost loved ones in the terror attacks or just the need to be with loved ones. It was a time to hug your kids a little tighter and realize just how fragile life can be at times.

With all the things that can distract you in today’s world from what is important, I would encourage you to be intentional in how you prioritize family. That means perhaps making sure you are scheduling time to spend time with your family and children. It may mean spending less time on your phone and being more engaged in activities with your children.

How we spend our time gives us insight into what we value most. Make sure your family gets what no one but you can give them--- your love and attention.

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